If you intend to use your drone for commercial purposes, then in addition to a Section 333 exemption you will need to get an N-number for the drone.

To do that you will need to get a physical form 8050-1 from an FAA flight standards district office (FSDO).  Find one here.  You should call first to find out whether you need an appointment.  In San Diego they were kind enough to leave a few in the lobby.  It is a carbonless multipart form.  

You will need to attach a declaration and a copy of the bill of sale (the invoice for the drone if you bought it from a store).  The declaration must be notarized.  One I created is here, and you may use that as a template.  No guarantees, however, but it must include:  "The undersigned affirms the information and statements provided herein are correct, the described UA is not currently registered in another country, and the undersigned is the aircraft's rightful owner.”

You will get a registration card in the mail about 6-8 weeks later.  Then get some vinyl letters from Amazon or your favorite store, and put it on the drone.  I got Duro Gothic No. 3212/ 1/2” Grey    

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